BSides Adelaide will host the acclaimed Black Bag challenge from Redacted Information Security, in collaboration with Malware Security.

The Black Bag is an offensive cyber security challenge series that uses computer infrastructure and physical spaces to create interesting arenas for teams to hack, infiltrate, and effect using their cyber security skills.


This Black Bag will be a little different than previous events seen at BSides Canberra and the ADF Cyber Skills Challenge. Think Golden Eye meets Red Alert meets War Games meets Mr Robot:


“Cyber-attacks have scuttled the launch of a new satellite defence system at Whalers Bay. Dr Hadria, a billionaire, genius, and megalomaniac has claimed responsibility. The villain intends to launch a neuclear rocket at the moon to destroy it. Your unit Bravo Five One of the secretive Direct Espionage Service is the world’s only hope. You have 36 hours to hack into his lair and make your way through the complex, circumventing security and systems as you go. Can you reach the launch control and stop the rocket before it’s too late?”

Teams can sign up whenever they like and work their way through the conference locating physical and cyber challenges in and around the little hidey holes, wombat burrows, and ancillary spaces of the BSides villages. Once you’ve collected all the challenge flags, teams can make their way to the final countdown to try and stop the launch of the nuclear rocket threatening to destroy the moon.

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