Cut to Size - A Range of Services

Our fully equipped in-house machine shop is ready to assist you with your engineering requirements. Choose from our large range of high performance plastics or let us advise you on the correct material choice for your application.

We will meet your needs
In combination with our machine shop, we are able to offer a unique variety of fabrication and machining to suit your needs.

Our services include:

  • plastic welding and solvent cementing,
  • drilling and tapping,
  • diamond edge and flame polishing,
  • linishing,
  • band saw cutting,
  • router trimming,
  • heat bending and pre-machining of parts to put in holes, slots, etc.

You can see some of the applications that these services can be put to and what kind of products we can supply to you.

Please contact us if you have any enquires as to how we can help you.

Machining of Engineering Plastics

Our facilities include CNC routing and turning, sawing, drilling, milling, gear cutting, spindle moulding, profile cutting and planing facilities.

State of the Art Technology

Our CAD CAM system makes life easier for both of us. Reduces set-up time and ensures direct replication of parts. In addition, our full range of equipment enables us to do simple hand held table routing, pin routing and complicated CNC work.


Cut to Size Plastics Pty Ltd fabrication staff are experienced in supplying your required items. We specialilze in acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene.

Turning Milling & Drilling

Proficient machine operators expert in the machining of thermoplastics, all to specified tolerances. One-off or multiple runs catered for. Original parts recreated from your drawings or samples. We use Gibbescam and Solidworks to assist us run extremely accurate programs

Thermoplastic Welding

PVC fabricated tanks and vessels in grey or clear. Welded to your specifications. Polyethylene and polypropylene bent and welded to your requirements.


Precision, low or high volume cutting of sheet or rod. All sizes cut square and to close tolerance to meet your requirements. Quick turnaround of orders, breakdown emergencies catered for.

Safety & security

All factories need machine guards and these are our specialilty. We bend and form polycarbonate to suit your machinery. We have this available from 3 mm clear up to 12.5 mm for security windows and protection areas.