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Tips for drilling acrylic sheet

  • Always drill the hole 1-2 mm larger than the fastening (i.e. screw or bolt) to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Use a blunt metal drill or back off the rake angle. Spade drill bits can also be used with satisfactory results.
  • Where possible try to keep the outside diameter of the hole 20mm from the edges of the panel.
  • Drill the panel with a piece of solid material (i.e. timber) beneath the Acrylic for support.
  • Try to keep firm downward pressure (hands or clamps) on the panel whilst drilling through to avoid the Acrylic lifting or pulling up the drill bit suddenly.
  • Turn off any hammer setting on the drill.
  • Drill all holes slowly. Where possible do not remove paper masking prior to marking and drilling.
  • Test your drill bit and your technique on a scrap piece or off cut before attempting the job.

NB: Above tips are to be used as a guide only and should not be taken as instruction. Cut To Size Plastics takes no responsibility for unsuccessful outcomes (i.e. chipping or cracking).

Farming, business and adapting to change by Laurie Green,

Cut To Size Plastics Managing Director

New Saw in Brisbane production site

           After almost 30 years we have finally retired our old SCM Z45 Beam Saw.It served us well in Sydney then in Brisbane. Surviving the interstate trip and still cutting accurately. With such great results we would not go away from the SCM Group and have replaced the Z45 with a Gabbiani Galaxy 105.See the pictures of the saw recently installed in our Brisbane production area.

          This great saw will cut sheets with a size of 4500mm x 4300mm and up to 105mm thick. We are able to bulk and cut thin sheets for large orders. Accuracy on large and narrow strips is possible, as is square and angle cutting.We are proud to extend the 30 years association with SCM into the future.

October 2013

News from Licharz

LiNNOTAM is the new name for cast polyamide (Nylon) from Licharz, our supplier.

The innovative metal- replacement materials have especially long service lives and are easy to machine. LiNNOTAM is available in various grades.

The cast polyamides (Nylon) of LiNNOTAM can be produced as semi-finished products or near net shape components and are virtually free of internal stress. Component parts made of LiNNOTAM have proven themselves for many years in machine building, packaging equipment, drive and conveyor equipment, construction equipment and in food processing equipment.

LiNNOTAMGLiDE contains special additives and lubricants. They produce an exceptionally low coefficient of friction and reduce the unwanted Stick-Slip effect to a minimum. The sliding properties and self-lubrication effects are retained throughout the entire service life. Typical application examples are bushings, slider pads, guide strips and feed screws.

October 2013

K Fair 2013

The K is the world's largest trade fair for plastic and rubber. More than 3,000 exhibitors present the newest highlights in Düsseldorf and use the Fair as a business and contact platform.

This year, like three years ago, our management team flew to meet with our suppliers and got to know the news from the world of plastics. It was a great experience.